What is financial planning and how it helps?

Have you ever seen a new house being built? It all starts with excavation of the ground, the pouring of the foundation and then the construction of the skeleton of the house. Your financial goals are also like a house, if you want to achieve them - the foundation has to be deep, sure and well-planned. A Certified Financial Planner works with you and guides you through not only your financial future, but also your lifestyle - setting up goals and milestones to help you support your financial well-being.

Most of us want some sort of roadmap to achieve our short-term and long-term financial goals. A Certified Financial Planner guides us doing the same with an expertise and experience in the financial field. In short a Certified Financial Planner () simplifies your finances and 'Gets What You Want Out Of Life'.

Financial Planning is a complete process which involves skills, knowledge, diligence, discipline, time and expertise.

Can I do it on my own?

Sure you can also do financial planning yourself. Primarily it will depend on 4 factors.

  • Willingness - to learn about and understand financial matters.
  • Time available - with you to continuously update yourself on the changes. Normally 6-8 hours a week of reading is sufficient to keep you abreast of the changes in this domain.
  • Complications in your portfolio - In case your portfolio has no ad hoc insurance policies and only 2 or 3 mutual funds and limited number of debt investments then it would be easier for you to manage your portfolio.
  • Monitoring - Discipline to regularly monitor your portfolio for asset allocation imbalances and execute the required correction.

In case you are not positive on the above mentioned parameters than you may like most of the other people find that it is better to seek the guidance provided by a certified financial planner to make a quality decision on their money matters.

Scope of Services provided by us:

  • Conducting Need Analysis
  • Evaluating Existing Resources
  • Conducting Risk Assessment
  • Developing a Financial Plan
  • Monitoring the Financial Plan