Like every parent you must also have dreams of a smooth, blissful and successful life for your child. As a parent, you wish to provide your child with the very best that life offers, the best possible education, marriage and life style.

Most of these goals have a price tag attached. Thus, to secure your child's future you need to plan your finances so that you may be able to provide the much-needed financial security to them. In India, education expenses are increasing at a very high rate, to ensure that your child may not miss any opportunity in life, you need to be financially planned. Education expenses could rise with passing time due to inflation & rising cost of living. To just show an example on how the education costs could move in future:

Thus, only saving money for your child is not enough today, you need to invest your money to ensure adequate funding of your child's education and marriage expenses. You need to invest appropriate amount in a disciplined manner systematically and also provide a cover to minimize the financial impact of any unforeseen event.

Let us help you choose the right strategy for your child’s education!

What would you like to do after retirement?

  • Like to go on regular vacations..
  • Like to relax and enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones..
  • Like to pursue your hobbies..
  • Want to start a business..
  • Follow your spiritual goals..

Whatever your choice may be, but to pursue any of them and to get financial security you need to have enough retirement corpus.

Saving for retirement is something that most of us put off as long as we can. It is a common tendency of young people exclaiming. "What Retirement? It is too far". But reality is that the sooner you start planning for your retirement the higher will be your retirement corpus. The top 5 reasons that you must plan for retirement:

  • Increased Life Expectancy of Indians.
  • Shift from joint family system to nuclear family system.
  • Increased cost of medical expenses in older age.
  • Increased cost of living.
  • Early retirement due to stress in current working life.

We will help you determine how much money you need to invest to achieve a decent retirement fund for yourself and your loved ones.

Our Retirement Planning service includes:

  • Need Analysis
  • Determination of financial objective at retirement
  • Estimating the post retirement expenses
  • Evaluating the current resources for retirement
  • Calculation of additional fund requirement
  • Determining the amount required to be invested today along with asset allocation decisioning

We look forward to helping you have a happy Retirement!

You may have a lot of other goals viz: buying a bigger house 5 years down the road, creating a corpus for starting your own business or maybe setting up a new industrial unit. Wherever you have a goal we help you put a monetary figure to the goal and a realistic timeline to help you achieve it. These small or big goals over a medium time frame need to have a differing asset allocation and a different road map for fulfillment.

Dream big dreams and talk to us for helping you chart out a roadmap to attain them!