NK Kothari

Most of us have several Life Insurance Policies

We are confident that these policies cover us sufficiently and provide adequate cover to cope up with critical stages of life.

Unfortunately, it is not likely to be true.

And guess what, we are not even aware if the policy portfolio is aligned to our life goals!

Not your fault… You bought these policies from people who were out to sell you their products without bothering much about what you actually need.

No worries! We are here to help.

India's First and only Life Insurance analysts

What We Do

Using our proprietary tools, we undertake a detailed scrutiny of your existing Life Insurance Portfolio.
We modify your portfolio so that it covers you sufficiently and is aligned to your life goals.
We minimize the premium cost and maximize coverage.
We also make a compendium of features of all your policies in an easy to refer format.
Our highly qualified team of professionals brings to the table extensive domain expertise and over 20 years of experience. Our approach and experience empower our clients to make confident and prudent decisions.

We are able to provide completely unbiased analysis as we ourselves do not sell insurance.

We can help you with

Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Accidental Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
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